Toddler’s reaction to news of a baby brother strikes a chord with parents everywhere

ella crying one fb

We’ve all heard of gender disappointment.  Well, three-year-old Ella has a serious case of the gender grumps. And she isn’t afraid to let her parents know. We’ve all watched our toddlers tantrum in the back of the car. But Ella’s reasoning is far too straightforward not to share.

As any parent of a three-year-old knows, if things don’t go perfectly to plan, tears and tantrums will ensue. This is exactly what happens when Ella discovers she is going to be a big sister. And it’s a boy!

It’s not a good day for Ella. She already has two brothers and when her parents announce there is another baby brother on the way, well, Ella isn’t too thrilled about it.

This hilariously sincere video will resonate well with any parent with a toddler. Ella, who is already the princess of the family, was clearly hoping for a sister.

“I just have two brothers already,” she wails. “I don’t want another boy.”

How did your toddler react when you announced your baby news?

ellas crying two fb

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