This toddler’s got an answer for everything, and he will make your day!

3 year old answers internet questions

This toddler’s answers to the internet’s questions are everything, if you’re keen to ponder life’s little (and big) mysteries, such as “What’s the meaning of life?” and “How do you feel about grapes?” …

“I’m 3. I know everything.”

Matthew Clark, a 27-year-old dad from Texas, noticed something about his toddler that we all come to realise after some time parenting our own – they have an answer for everything, and it’s usually hilarious. So, he decided to put his theory to the test in a post uploaded to an ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread on Reddit, asking readers to submit their questions for his three-year-old son to answer.

He told little Caleb that “some people had questions and they needed help with the answers,” Clark told the Huffington Post

Good answer, kiddo.

Little did he know that the response to his video would be so swift and huge, revealing that he really only expected “maybe 20 or so questions”. Instead, there have been over 500 comments on the post so far, many sharing questions they would like young Caleb to answer. 

“I did not expect this impact but im [sic] so happy that my sons all knowing wisdom could make any of you smile even if just for a moment,” Clark says in an edit of his original post.

When asked why he thinks it became such a popular thread, he said, “I think people responded the way they did because deep down we all love silly answers and reminisce when life was magical and not just black and white. We miss what only children can experience.”

How true it is, Dad. 

A 3-year-old’s answers to the meaning of life

Here are just some of the comedy gold questions and answers from Caleb’s thread.

Priorities, little man. Priorities. 




Not creepy. At. All.


Beware the voices.


Total sense, man.


Hmm. OK then. 


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