Grand theft auto: Toddler and five-year-old take SUV to grandma’s house

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go. That is presumably the cruisey ride two kids aged three and five thought they’d have when they stole their mum’s car to drive to grandma’s house.

Kids steal car - volvo

According to local police, the pair made it as far as an intersection near their house in a suburb of Seattle, Washington before they T-boned a Volvo sedan.

Neighbours heard the crash. Annemarie Warren told local news, WWLP-22News, it was “Like [sic] explosion went off.” She ran to the scene with other neighbours and found two smashed cars.

Warren said, “I held the kids both in their hands [sic] and I said, ‘where’s your mum?’” The child answered “Sleeping. I want to go to my grandma’s house.”

Although the children are only three and five years old, they’re resourceful little souls. They managed to start the SUV, get it out of the driveway and into a nearby intersection before crashing.

Kids steal car - Federal Way Police FB post

Federal Way Police Department posted photos of the crash to its Facebook page, and the post has attracted a lot of interest.

Kids steal car - Monica Dial Fb comment 2

Some commenters were judgmental of the parents. Monica Dial wrote “WTH!!! What is going on @ home that their little minds thought taking the car was better than calling Granny or the Police???”

Kids steal car - Liz Barbour Butler Fb comment 2

Others, like Liz Barbour Butler, had seen it all before. She wrote, “How can you comment that something must be ‘going on’ at this house to make the kids leave like that…I know someone whose kid climbed out the dog door at 4am to wander the neighbourhood. My own son escaped out the front door in a small apartment WITH a doorknob protector when he was only in diapers…Kids have been escaping when their parents were asleep…since forever.”

Kids steal car - Deana Sanders Fb comment

Most were just relieved that no one was hurt. Deana Sanders commented, “Bless their little hearts. I image they were scared to death when they wrecked, and I bet they won’t be doing that again! Glad no one was hurt.”

Kids steal car - Michell Shabazz Shultz Fb comment 2

Michelle Shabazz Schultz, a grandma, was able to shed light on the kids’ logic. “I’m now a grandma…and I firmly believe they did this because grandma never says no!”

The driver of the Volvo suffered minor cuts and bruises. Neither of the children was injured.

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