Toddler explodes with joy when he realises who is driving the passing train

Happy toddler watching train with mum

A family has shared a gorgeous video, showing their son’s delighted response when he realises his very own daddy is driving the tooting train that just passed them by!

This is joy!

The little boy’s reaction is the very definition of unbridled joy – and one to watch over and over again, especially if you are having a crappy day.

The short clip opens with the little boy sitting on his mum’s lap, with another sibling just out of view. They’re on the platform having a cuddle and doing a little bit of toddler trainspotting. In the background we can hear a train approaching and the boys’ mother laughing in anticipation.

As the train comes into view and begins to pass, mum signals to the driver (dad!) to honk the horn and dad complies.

“That’s DAD!”

Dad leans out the window, to give his children a good view, and sounds the horn in little bursts as the train chuffs by.

It’s very noisy and very exciting and a whole lot of happy kid and mama giggling ensues.

“THAT’S DAD!” we see the little guy mouth, wide-eyed as the noisy train drowns out his voice. He glances back and forth in disbelief, thoroughly enjoying the brilliant spectacle that is DAD’S TRAIN!

“Oh my god!” the older child laughs, happily as dad’s carriages thunder by.

Wait, what?!

It takes a little while for the implications of what just happened to FULLY dawn on the young lad, but as his mummy giggles and his sibling chortles uncontrollably in the background, an incredulous wave of recognition and delight crosses his joyful little face.

“We saw Dad!” his older sibling chuckles.

“Dad!” the toddler splutter happily. “Dad?! Dad!!”

He continues to giggle and shake his head, staring after the train and saying “See Dad!” as he laughs and gets cuddles from his mum. Naw.

It’s just the cutest. Let’s all watch in 385 times!

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