Toca School – readin’, writin’, ‘rithmetic, and kid-scripted chaos in an app

Some apps are for learning, some for gaming, and some are for free, pure creativity. Toca School by app developer Toca Boca gives kids the digital building blocks to create the school they dream about when they’re sitting in class.

This imaginary school likely has a lot of canteen food fights, and Toca Boca has designed for this, creating the prefect environment for flying jelly battles. There’s still clean-up duty afterwards though, because kids should respect even their virtual worlds.

Turning traditional school on its head, kids can take over a class and teach their mates the things kids really want to know: how to make things explode in chemistry class, and the places to find the rude words in Shakespeare.

Toca School character line-up

There are 32 characters, each one a little odd, which is typical of Toca Boca. There’s a snail in a shirt and tie, a smiling skeleton,  a boy wearing a puppy beanie that turns into an actual puppy when he pulls it off his head.

Toca School is the third app in the Toca Life series. Each Toca Life app deliberately lacks scripted scenes or rules so kids can create the world they want.

Toca School is available on iTunes or Google Play for $4.99.

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