This tired mum’s pay-it-forward story will restore your faith in humanity

Danielle Vinson's baby

This mum was halfway through the checkout, when she realised she’d left her purse at home. Luckily a stranger stepped in to save the day (and prove that a little generosity and kindness really make a big difference to a tired parent’s day.)

“A stranger paid for our groceries today. All $178.86 worth of baby food and deli meat and milk and veggies … paid forward in check stand 11. It was the most incredible generosity I’ve ever experienced in my life,” the gob-smacked mum wrote.


Rough day at the office

Mum, Danielle Vinson shared her story with the always positive and sometimes tear-jerking Love What Matters Facebook page, explaining that she’d headed to the shops as a bit of a circuit-breaker during a particularly challenging day.

“After a day of pms-ing, and dealing with boys who love me so but just DON’T get it, I took a “break” at the market with just one kid – the one that doesn’t talk back (yet) – and after feeding him teething crackers to get through the trip, I placed all our items on the belt, handed the cashier our reusable bags, and turned around to a sudden panic while fumbling around my wallet-less diaper bag. Holding my forehead in despair with one hand, I called my husband with the other and pleaded for him to teleport my wallet to me in that moment, when I heard her behind me. ‘Keep ringing everything up, I’ll take care of it.'” Danielle posted.

Wait, what?!

We know, right. At the exact moment Danielle wanted the ground to swallow her up, or for $50 notes to rain down, a complete stranger stepped in and turned things around.

“I whipped around in absolute disbelief and shook my head. I glanced at the screen at an unfinished subtotal of $70 and whipped around, thankful, but insistent that it was just way too expensive. ‘Seriously, don’t worry about it, I need to do something for the holidays. Merry Christmas, enjoy.’ She told me, with insistence stronger than mine.” Danielle wrote.

“I felt my eyes welling up with joyful, humbled, grateful tears. This is the stuff you read about that makes you smile, but when it’s real life, YOUR reality? You changed my life today, ma’am. This moment is now forever engrained in my heart, and every thanksgiving I’m bringing YOUR love to my table. Thank you, from the peaks to the depths of my heart. Thank you.”

It’s the kindness that counts

Granted Danielle’s grocery bill was pretty hefty, and not everyone is in a position to fork out such a sum on behalf of others, but it’s actually the rescue and the kindness that matters most. We’re fairly sure she’d have felt the same, even if her final checkout sum was only $20.

Just when we’re being told how terrible the world is, it’s heartening to know that there are people out there who will do what needs to be done to make things okay for others. Even if those others are people they don’t know and may never see again. Even if there are no witnesses to this kindness (except for about a zillion people who have now read the story on Facebook!)

We’d all do well to take this ‘do something for the holidays’ attitude and run with it. Let’s spend the next four weeks being inspired by this grocery shop generosity and pay-it-forward in big and small ways!

A huge thanks to Love What Matters and Danielle for sharing this gorgeous story.

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