Tiny Revolutionary – bring the message through the kids


Environmental concerns are valid for every human being on earth, so the earlier kids are aware, the better.
Tiny Revoloutionary
brings the message home to all those who can read,
with your child as the perfect backdrop to bring the point home.
After all, what kind of a world will they be adults in if we
don’t ring in the changes? All Tiny Revolutionary apparel is made ethically in the name of ‘Peace, Hope, Love and
Equality’ – it’s in everybody’s interests to embrace some
changes in favour of such a great mantra!

Styled Baby
have a few Tiny Revolutionary selections
available locally at $38.95 each plus post. They have the ‘Drive a
Hybrid’ and ‘I’ll Change The World Someday’ tees along with a onesie
with the latter slogan.
If you want to choose from the broader range at the US site,
they do ship internationally.


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