Time travel or twinning, you’ve just got to see this dad’s hilarious post of his toddler’s clothing coincidence

A dad may have had a brief view into the future during a recent shopping trip to Costco with his toddler.

While wheeling his son in one of the oversized shopping trolleys the dad noticed his little man had on an identical outfit to a far more senior fellow in the store.

He loaded a hilarious photo of the clothing coincidence to Reddit, with the caption, “I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years…”

Queue the Benjamin Button and Back to the Future time travel movies references.

“There may be a hole in the space-time continuum here,” user Facelikeawolf writes.

“I’d be on the lookout for Deloreans, wild-eyed scientists and any sports almanacs from the future.”

There are also some pretty funny references to the shopping warehouse known for its bulk-buy goods.

“You can always find the bigger version in Costco,” user Agiordanony points out.

Others posted some interesting fashion thoughts.

“It would be hilarious if the laws of physics allowed time travel but forced you to be wearing the same clothes you were wearing at the time,” user The_Prince1513 wrote.

Toddlers can be the source of endless entertainment and the subject of many viral images and videos such as these gorgeous little guys trying certain foods for the first time.

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