Time stands still as parents meet their newborns in stunning photo series

Can you remember the moment you first laid eyes on your newborn? That split second is the culmination of months of anticipation, and sometimes years of yearning. This brilliant photographer has compiled a series of gripping images that press the pause button on one of the most remarkable and emotion-charged moments in a parent’s life. Tissues at the ready, people!

012-Fermont Fotografie - First Moments

It’s incredible that the split second you lay eyes on your newborn, everything else in the world fades to black. There is no pain. It is joyous, momentous, unparalleled. That first breathtaking moment is fleeting, but the euphoria is never forgotten. And through the fascinating work of Netherlands-based photographer Marry Fermont, these first encounters are being captured as magical monochrome moments.

036-Fermont Fotografie - First Moments

We featured Marry’s beautiful work last year, in her series showing how babies fit into wombs, and as part of the birth packages she creates for her clients, she snaps these precious first encounters – The First Moment.

016-Fermont Fotografie - First Moments

Marry explains to Babyology, “When I had my own baby I realised even more how important birth photography is…I love this moment, you waited for so long, worked so hard and then finally the moment is there! It happens so quickly but at the same time it’s like time is standing still and it’s just you and your baby.”

002-Fermont Fotografie - First Moments

This talented photographer always takes the time to turn the lens to the fathers in the room – and the images are compelling. From a single tear suspended as if in awe of the moment, to unbridled joy.

031-Fermont Fotografie - First Moments

“It is a truly magical moments and mums and dads mostly react differently. Mums are most of the time relieved and overwhelmed with joy. They often cry,” says Marry. “Dads are full of amazement, most of the time they stare at the baby without realising this is actually their child. When this sinks in they often shed a tear themselves.”

020-Fermont Fotografie - First Moments

These beautiful, raw photos stop the clock on a time that for many of us is as astounding as it is paralysing. It’s all of our hopes and dreams being placed into our arms, and we can all relate to these stunning scenes – no matter where we are on our parenting journey.

Fermont Fotografie - First Moments

The popularity of Marry Fermont’s work will see her heading to Australia in August for The Baby Summit for Photographers.

027-Fermont Fotografie - First Moments

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