Ticings – they really are the icing on the cake!

Most celebrations call for a cake, or is it cake that calls for the celebration?  Either way, cake is required. For those of us that usually shake in our aprons at the very thought of making a fancy pants cake to show off to friends, think again as you go preheat that oven.

Ticings have created the very best product for all would-be bakers – printed sheet icing.  It’s perfect for those who can bake but who fall down in the decorating department.  Thin sheets of icing are printed in various designs using spectacular edible dyes and then cut into discs on the sheets (perfect for cupcakes) or left as a flat sheet for a big cake.  They’re as easy to apply as a sticker using butter cream icing to adhere them to your baked delights!

Ticings have a fabulous range to choose from, including special holiday and celebration designs, along with the option to design your own!

So if cake decorating isn’t your thing, then cheating is perfectly acceptable.  A sheet of twelve cupcake discs are priced from US$17.90. Unfortunately direct shipping to Australia is not yet available but a reshipper can probably help.

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