Thomas Wold – covetable pieces of the highest order


There are times when I feel just a little bit sorry for myself, and
this is one such time. It’s not possible after all, to own all of
the delicious products that come my way to write about. Here we have
two exquisite pieces of furniture, the likes of which are now
permanently etched into my brain.

Made to be moved to frame whatever objects you choose to feature that day, the Thomas Wold Block Party
credenza and
bookcase are perfect for people who have small homes where living areas often double as baby’s playspace.
Feats of perfect composition and colour, the furniture allows you to decide the form they will assume for the day – the owner becomes a part of the artistry inherent in the furniture. Mid-century style fans like me will fall head over heels for the mod-chic coolness of these two pieces!

With Thomas Wold Block Party furniture, parents don’t have to compromise on looks or quality when it comes to storing their
children’s books and toys. And children will love them too,
rearranging the panels to play peekaboo with much loved toys.

Fascinated with finding out about the person behind these magnificent pieces, I headed over to Wold’s blog. He details just how
much work goes into making a Block Party piece in his article
‘How the Block Party is made’. He
began with one sketch, a riot of colour, then honed the idea with a toned down palette and added walnut wood for warmth.
The finished product you see for sale at
Design Public is the third version.

With the credenza and bookcase each priced at US$3990, they’re
firmly in pipe dream territory for me. If you buy one, please be sure
to send us a photo of it in your home. I promise not to cry too much!

(Via Babygadget)


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