This truthful ad about sweary mums will make you feel less sh*tty!

Little girl looking surprised with hands over mouth

Swear like a mother: A recent study revealed 74 percent of mums admit to swearing in front of their kids – and has also helpfully proven that 26 percent of mums are out-and-out fibbers. Let us tell you more! 


This great ad – commissioned by Kraft – cleverly spills the “alternative swear” beans with some impressive expert muscle behind it.

“We enlisted mother, author and swearing expert, Melissa Mohr, Ph.D., to suggest some kid-friendly alterna-swears for moms everywhere to make things right. And if they don’t, there’s always Kraft Mac & Cheese,” Kraft explained on release of the all-new-swears-for-mums clip. 

This now-viral campaign has reminded us of a number of very important things:

Firstly, the fact that we sometimes, occasionally, very rarely (or even quite often) bust out an expletive or two in front of innocent ears is NOT cause for self-flagellation or 458 Hail Marys. It’s just real life. Let’s give ourselves a break. 

Secondly, some people get to do their PHDs on the most excellent subject matter and sweary lady Melissa Mohr is the Lego-stomping embodiment of that.

Thirdly, it’s always a good day for Mac and Cheese – whether it’s the packet variety of your childhood or the bespoke kind that your mama made. (Here’s some we prepared earlier!)

Fourthly, the US penchant for “alternative facts” has spawned a whole variety of alterna-ness, and Ms Mohr’s alterna-swears could be heaps o fun for the whole family, right?

Let’s try “what the frog?”, “goof nugget”, “monkey-flunking” or “shit-ake mushrooms” for starters? Thanks Melissa!

Queen of the swears

Melissa not only did a PHD in rude words, she wrote a whole gosh-darned book about expletives, their place in history and usage now. It’s called Holy Shi*t. A Brief History of Swearing, and it’s no wonder the Kraft folk chose her as the ambassador for their Swear Like A Mother campaign. She totally knows her sh*t.

Here’s the second swear-themed video in Melissa’s for-Kraft series. (Below) Fail-cancelling, macaroni-shaped earplugs, anyone? We’ll take 27 thank you very much. 

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