This season in micro-fashion: 7 startling style tips from our fave celeb kids

Luna Legend and Olive

Fashion. It can be confusing. One day you’re in. The next day you’re out. Luckily we have the children of high-profile types to guide us through the tricky territory of looking nice. Phew.

Not only are the children of celebs very often first with the news, sassy trend-wise, they’re often first in the door at your favourite atelier – think Marc Jacobs, the Sesame Street shop, Big W, Bonds – snaffling the best looks in sample sizes in the blink of a long-lashed, preschooler eye.

This means that they’re really quite the authority when it comes to being fashion forward. Their creative confidence is something we can all learn from and there is no time like the present to start mixing it up and doing better in the style stakes.

Here’s a little bit of inspiration from our favourite mini-influencers. Because you might not know how to get dressed. And these kids can surely help.

1. You do you!

“Whether you are a mermaid or a skeleton or a slinky nightie kind of person, it’s important to disrupt the fashion landscape,” North West and Penelope Disick whispered as they prepared for their imaginary “shower-and-towel*” party.

“You do YOU!” they urged.

*We don’t know what this is either, but North is Kanye’s daughter and thus a creative visionary. Just nod your head in agreement. Listen and learn.

2. Break all the rules!

“Rules are made to be broken,” Sonny Blake (firstborn of comedian Hamish Blake and author Zoe Foster Blake) might have said, as he expertly paired Spidey and Buzz for the absolute sartorial win.

Sonny is challenging conventional costume coordination constructs – and he wants you to do the same. #ThisGoesWithThat

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. Reeeeeeemiiiiiix! *RnB horn*

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3. Take one thing off before you walk out the door

Luna Legend, daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, lives by this Coco Chanel adage. Here she is after she took her shirt off. Another time she removed one sock. Once it was a band-aid. Inspiring.

It’s important to interpret fashion in brave ways that are meaningful to you, Luna would say, if she could talk.

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Get it, girl!

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4. Never enough fluff!

Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive knows that even the simplest silhouette is enhanced by something fluffy. In this case it’s a bunny tail, but we’re certain she’d encourage you to express yourself in any true-to-you fuzzy way. Fluffy faces, fluffy ears, fluffy bellies. All good choices. #FluffOnMotherFluffer

5. Keep it simple

Very often the most understated looks are the ones that work best. Here we see Pink’s daughter Willow proving just that. She knows that pants-only is often the answer to life’s trickier questions. #MuchWisdomVeryShorts

6. The little things are the big things

Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell, pictured with her baby bestie, shared some advice that we keep coming back to – and it’s that the clever details really polish the overall “look”.

In this case, Maxwell was showing us how a bit of gentle sparkle and subtle winged eyeliner lifts a look from supermarket to supermodel, and our jaws dropped because we suddenly realised where we’d been going so very wrong.

7. Make a bold statement

When the sun shines, we shine together… Neil Patrick Harris’ kids, Harper and Gideon, paired up to reveal this season’s must-have accessory – a yellow umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.

Throw away that fedora. Fling your fanny pack. Ditch your diamonds and get down with the kids, because a cheery brolly is where 2017 things are at, people.

Who even knew?! 

There’s really no excuse not to look fancy now, right?

The kiddos have spoken. Go get dressed!

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