19 children who haven’t quite mastered the fine art of hide ‘n seek

What happens when you play hide ‘n seek with your little one? You get some pretty creative attempts at hiding, that’s what.

Hide ‘n seek is the quintessential childhood game. But it clearly takes some level of hiding skill that these hilarious children have yet to perfect.

When website Bored Panda asked their readers to submit their children’s best hide ‘n seek spots, it was bound to end up in a few funny photos. But these photo submissions are absolutely hilarious. How many of these hiding spots have your kids tried?

The Box

hidenseek 8

Never mind it’s see-through…

The Blanket

hidenseek 3

Probably best to choose one that actually covers your entire body.

hidenseek 10

…and, perhaps not placed in the middle of the kitchen.

The Blanket Box

hidenseek 14

When the first two attempts fail, put them together and hide under a blanket in a box. Winning.

The Weird Looking Kitchen Fixture


If it’s oddly shaped, then it must be the perfect hiding spot.

The Rug

hidenseek 15

I wonder where she could be?

The Shadow

hidenseek 13

So close to having the perfect spot!

The Furniture
hidenseek 12

I’m pretty sure this bookcase didn’t come with a head at the end of it.

The Curtains

hidenseek 11

Classic hide ‘n seek fail right here!

The Toilet Lid

hidenseek 9

This little one gets extra points for managing to squeeze her body into this position.

The Couch Cushion

hidenseek 7

Couch cushions could have legs.

The Stuffed Animal

hidenseek 6

At least the stuffed animal mostly covers his body.

The Tree

hidenseek 5

Hide behind tree. Will disappear.

The Bag in the Middle of the Hallway

hidenseek 4

This poor fella didn’t even stand a chance.

The Seriously, That’s Where You Decided to Hide?


The theory goes if you can’t see them, they can’t see you, right?


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(via Bored Panda)

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