This is what happens when dads are left alone with their babies

We’ve all done it – you go out to run some errands and leave Dad to watch the baby. You’re only gone for an hour, two hours, tops. And this is what happens while you are away.  Come and share a laugh at the brilliant things these dads get up to when their other halves are not around.

They discover a semi-truck sleeping solution (and it’s trucking brilliant)

This father combines his two loves – big trucks and his infant son, and creates a sleeping tool that should be sold in baby stores around the world.

 They provide the basic building blocks for life

Dads in charge One

It’s tough balancing baby and life. But somehow this dad makes it work.

They enjoy a blissful nap or two

dads in charge three

Even if it means jumping into the cot with the little one.

And they learn how to swaddle

dads in charge FB

Big and little babies alike enjoy a good swaddle.

They make the most out of arts and crafts time

dads in charge five

Some mums draw pictures with their babies. Some dads draw pictures on their babies.

They go for joy rides

Dads in charge two

Safety optional. Adorable selfie required.

They organise the household

This dad is glad to be at home with baby alright, but not in the way you might expect…

They try on some new clothes

dads in charge eight

Because, why not?

And they discover the joy of duct tape

dads in charge duct tape

Duct tape fixes everything. Even crawling infants. And ducks.

They have the ultimate dance party

Nothing like starting the day with  a good jam session.

So now you know what Dad does while home with the baby. What about mums? Check out our equally hilarious post on what stay-at-home mums do all day to compare.

Have you returned home to any fun escapades from Dad and bub at your place?

dads in charge fb cover 2


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