This five-year-old raised almost $70,000 to get his photography book published, and it’s incredible

This adorable kid, with the equally adorable name Hawkeye Huey, is a little trailblazer. A chip-off-the-old-block, Hawkeye is the son of a National Geographic photographer, and his images of the American West are insightful beyond his years. Hawkeye’s photos are so popular, they’re about to be made into a book.



Last year, Hawkeye Huey’s dad, photographer Aaron Huey gave him a Fujifilm Instax 210. He was just four years old, and embarked on an 18-month jaunt around the American West with his dad, taking pictures and making memories. From the Navajo Nation to the Las Vegas strip, Hawkeye and Aaron met characters and clowns (the rodeo kind), with the little guy taking almost one thousand photos.

“The trip wasn’t meant to be about photography, it was about connecting as father and son,” Aaron explains.


An Instagram account was created so Hawkeye’s photos could be shared, and it struck a chord with parents across the globe.

“This knee-high perspective of desert-dwellers and tumble weeds was a new addition to the tradition of documenting the American West. The adventure had parents reaching out to me about how to do this with their own kids. This, after all, was not about holding Hawkeye out as some sort of prodigy, but about embracing the creativity and vision of all children,” says Aaron.


The photos Hawkeye took showed that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Aaron says of his son’s images: “I fell in love with Hawkeye’s photos the first time I laid eyes on a set of them laid out on the floor of a tent camp, with all his subjects circling around and smiling.”


While the images aren’t perfect, many out of focus, Aaron realised what Hawkeye had captured was the true soul of people and places. It’s those photos which next year will be made into a book, after a Kickstarter campaign managed to raise almost US$50,000.


The book, called Cowboys Indians Hobos Gamblers Patriots Tourists and Sunsets is expected to be published early next year.hawkeye7

(Images courtesy of Hawkeye and Aaron Huey)

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