The Oscar Best Picture nominations like you’ve never seen them before

The 2016 Oscars are still a few hours away, but we already have an Academy Award winner for best Oscar impersonations. Come and have a giggle at these adorable photographs that pay tribute in the cutest possible way to this year’s Academy Award Best Picture nominations.

Families that play together, stay together. And this certainly seems to be the case for the family behind Don’t Call Me Oscar. Using their three young children as models, the clever parents manage to re-create the posters of the Best Picture nominations with accuracy and adorableness.

The Revenant

Oscar winner 3oscar winner 4

The Big Short

Oscar winner 2 Oscar Winner 1

Mad Max: Fury Road

oscar winner 7oscar winner 8

Bridge of Spies

oscar winner 6 oscar winner 5


oscar winner 12 oscar winner 13

Roomoscar winner 11 oscar winner 10

The Martian

oscar winner 9oscar winner 14


oscar winner 16 oscar winner 15

So, mums and dads, cast your votes. What is going to win Best Picture this year? And which picture perfect photograph is the winner in your eyes?

My vote for Best Picture goes to The Revenant. For most adorable recreation? Has to be Mad Max!

Check out Don’t Call Me Oscar for these winsome out-takes and last year’s nomination photos, which are equally award-worthy.

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