This baby looks more like Gordon Ramsay than Gordon Ramsay (and he agrees!)

Gordon Ramsay

Doppelgänger alert! Hot on the heels of the much lauded Ed Sheeran Baby Lookalike comes an even more twinning entry to the same-same matchy tot stakes.

Why indeed?!

It all started when one proud aunty realised she had a wee clone in the family and pondered how this magical and marvellous situation could have befallen them.

“Why does my nephew look like Gordon Ramsay?” Twitter user Olivia wondered aloud on the platform, uploading an adorable photo as proof. And proof it was.

Olivia’s baby nephew indeed is the miniature spit of everybody’s favourite snotty chef and we all know that everything is much cuter sized-down, right? Gordon Ramsay himself sat up and took notice, but he didn’t seem totally sold on the whole mini-me thing. He responded – also via Twitter – with his own admittedly short and sweet thoughts, which went a little something like this …

“Poor kid!” he posted, retweeting his tiny tot-shaped mirror image for his followers’ entertainment, too. It seems Gordon’s floundering a little in the self-loves stakes, but fans were quick to change the subject and cheer their hero up.

“I can already see him disapproving of the baby food being fed to him,” one bright spark shot back.

“Haha this kid’s already judging my food and I haven’t even made it yet!” another posted.

It’s fair to say it was well and truly on for young and all, with tweets full of fruity swears and requests for Lamb Sauce abounding.

Everybody loves Gordon

Then, perhaps bolstered by the attention from the gent in question, the baby’s mother weighed in too suggesting a pint-sized chef’s jacket could be on the cards shortly. 

“Wow! Thanks for all the love (and hilarious comments lol),” baby-Gordon-clone’s mum wrote on Twitter. “We [love] Gordon Ramsay! Looks like I need to invest in a tiny chef jacket!”

She shared another shot of her mini-Gordon son in which he looked characteristically unimpressed, striking a classic “good grief” type pose.

It’s just further confirmation that this little guy deserves his doppelgänger crown!

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