Think the kids are sapping your energy? You may just be low in iron

Tired? No energy? Welcome to parenthood! We all assume that feeling sluggish goes hand in hand with raising children, but there could be something else holding you back. If you think you need an energy boost, this organic form of iron could be the key.

If you’re feeling like every other mum out there is superwoman, and you’re the only one struggling to keep up, rest assured you are not alone. World Health Organisation figures indicate that iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. And it’s women, teenage girls and children who are most likely to suffer from it.

In Australia, 70 per cent of women aged between 25 and 55 have iron-deficient diets, and the symptoms are pretty varied, so it’s likely many women put them down to just general fatigue.

The early symptoms of iron deficiency can be tiredness and fatigue, lack of energy, poor work performance, a decreased immune function, headaches, loss of appetite and an increased sensitivity to the cold. As mums, we’d usually put a lot of these down to our busy lives, but it’s worth taking a trip to the doctor to get your iron levels checked.


An iron boost, from a source like FAB IRON can help give your body the iron it needs to function properly, while being gentle on your tummy. That’s because it contains an organic form of iron, and it’s also vegan and vegetarian friendly. It can be taken as tablets, capsules or liquid, and it also contains energy-boosting B group vitamins.

And if you’ve previously been put off by iron supplements because of their taste, FAB IRON is billed as the pleasant way to take iron – there’s no nasty taste. Just have a look for the FAB IRON range the next time you’re at the pharmacy.


(This is a sponsored post for Care Pharmaceuticals)

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