These outraged kids show us that equal pay is a no-brainer

When the ANZ Bank created this now-viral campaign to highlight the gender pay gap, they enlisted the help of a bunch of smart kids to make their case. We’re all for awareness campaigns, if they’re followed by action and change, and we think these outraged children might just be the game-changers we all need.


“If you do the same work, you should get paid the same money!”

The premise of the short clip is clever in its simplicity. Get a group of boys and girls to do some chores and then ask their parents to pay them in line with the current gender pay gap in Australia.

“Kids were asked to do chores. And then the girls were paid less than the boys. Just like in the real world,” ANZ wrote.

So no matter if the kids took the rubbish out or dusted the living room together, the boys would be paid more than the girls. Even if they were doing the same work.

If the kids washed a car, working together, the boys were paid $10 for their work, the girls just $7.50. You can see why outrage ensued, especially from the girls.


Ingrained sexism

If you’re not up with the latest unfortunate gender pay rate facts, you should know that in Australia, women are currently paid around 20 per cent less than men for the same work.

ANZ tells us that “the average weekly shortfall in wages (between men and women) of $295 per week, extended over a typical 40-year career, equates to a gender pay gap of about $700,000.”

In the healthcare sector, where women account for a whopping 80 per cent of the workforce, the pay gap is even more disproportionate with men being paid $500 a week more than women. Gasp. We’re outraged too.

While women are of course extremely keen for this to be addressed and to be paid more equitably, at the moment many of us are just sucking it up and getting on with the job. Because mortgage, rent, etc.

These kids are having none of THAT, however. Watch and see:



Wait … what?!

As you can see, the kids’ responses were a mixture of disbelief, disappointment and outrage.

“Why does he get $5?” asks one little girl.

“That’s just the way it is,” her mum replies, matter-of-factly.

“Does that sound fair to you?” ANZ asks, mid-clip. Uh. No.

The boys often initially responded happily to their payday, but their tune changed to confusion when they realised the disparity between their ‘wage’ and their female sibling’s.

“Women and men should have the same money.” A little boy states firmly.

“If you do the same work, you should get paid the same money,” his sister agrees.

“It should be flat out illegal. I’m not joking. I’m not being unreasonable.” One gobsmacked girl says.

One little girl thinks that pay rates should reflect more than a person’s gender.

“It should just be how hard you work,” she suggests. A thoughtful, smart idea indeed.


A brighter future?

The campaign closes with a call for equal pay and the kids declaring that things must change.

“Ugh. I have no words, it’s so wrong,” says one child.

“When I am older, I’m going to make a change. If I don’t forget,” a visibly deeply affected boy whispers earnestly.

Here’s hoping the change is made long before he reaches adulthood and women are valued for the work they do, in line with the way men usually are.

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