“These are mommy’s diapers!” A terrifying tale of shopping for pads with kids

Sherrie Kimber's son

Ru-oh! In an excellent instalment of “kids say the darnedest things” a US mum has shared a checkout story that didn’t QUITE go according to plan, and in the name of raising awareness you should read on right now. #snort

"I get asked all the time if I ever get embarrassed, because to most people, I suppose, think this is not the case. But…

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, 9 January 2018

“I was indeed embarrassed”

Facebook’s popular Love What Matters page shared a story submitted by mum Sherrie Kimber and it will have anyone who’s ever menstruated wincing in solidarity.

“… Today I can confirm I was indeed, embarrassed,” Sherrie began, setting the scene. “I had to make a quick run to the store; as I came to the ‘lady aisle’ I quickly grabbed a package of Always (lady stuff), and Carson insisted on carrying it.”

So far, so helpful and quite good. Many of us been here. *nods*

“We proceed to the check-out and I quickly place everything else I needed on the checkout counter and turned to Carson. ‘Please place it up here.’ I said.” 

Good work Carson.

Okay. Maybe we were a little premature …

Here’s Sherrie again:

“He turned to the man behind us and said (as loud as he could) ‘These are MOMMY’S DIAPERS!’, then he proudly placed them on the checkout counter… “

The sting in the tail

Oh no. At this point we are guessing Sherrie was glancing around wildly for her invisibility cloak and willing the ground to open up. Apparently “the man” was kind enough to at least try to keep a lid on his amusement.

But Carson was not finished with him yet. Not by a long shot. Nope.

“As the man tried to contain his laughter (as well as everyone else around), Carson then turned to me and said, ‘Mommy, don’t pee in them, you pee in the potty!'”

Thank. You. Carson. We are not the only ones thankful for this little boy’s wise advice to his mum, apparently.

“Everyone around us lost it,” Sherrie explains. “Don’t let his cute face deceive you …”

We feel you, Sherrie. Yes.

Needless to say, Facebook users were as delighted as Sherrie’s fellow shoppers by this turn of events. Some even shared their own embarrassing shopping/period stories. Obviously we need to share some of those with you, in the name of cheering everyone up:

“When my daughter was about 3 she followed me everywhere. She got pretty upset when I went into the bathroom and closed the door on her so she sat with her ear on the door. When she heard the crinkle of a pad wrapper she got really mad and yelled ‘I know you’re in there eating candy!'” a mum commented.

“Sounds like my 4-year-old son yelling ‘these are for my mom’s vagina’ while carrying tampons,” someone else posted.

“I took my daughter to Costco when she was about 3 or 4, and she somehow got the word TAMPONS confused with the word SAMPLES. She ran around yelling ‘I WANT TO TRY ALL THE FREE TAMPONNNNNS!’ It was hilarious and embarrassing,” another mum shared.

“I was pregnant with twins standing in line to buy milk when my 2-year-old announced to the man behind us ‘my mom has big black nipples’ I’m a 5’1” white girl,” one woman wrote.

“This happened to a friend of mine, except her son yelled out “these are for my moms bleeding vagina!!!!” she could have died from embarrassment as the cute young college-age guy rang her up!” another reader revealed.


We told you you’d be cheered up. You. Are. Welcome. (Also, thanks kids! And thanks Sherrie!)

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