Thermomix’s cookbooks with Louise Fulton Keats make foodies out of the pickiest eaters

Forget about squeezy pouches, baby food in jars and takeaway. Your trusty Thermomix and the Thermomix cookbooks by food writer Louise Fulton Keats are all you need to make nutritious, tasty food for the whole family.

Cooking for the varied palates of a family can turn you into a testy short order cook. There’s the kid who thinks potatoes are too spicy, the baby who’s dangerously allergic to peanuts, the teenager who’s decided to become a pescatarian. Makes you want to pop a packet of rice crackers down on the dinner table and call it a day.

Thermomix burgers

Thermomix has partnered with renowned food writer and cookbook author Louise Fulton Keats to create two cookbooks full of delectable Thermomix recipes that cater for everyone in the family. Cooking for Your Baby & Toddler and Something for Everyone are full of quick and easy Thermomix recipes, from simple purees to family meals. Maybe it’ll even help your son get over his aversion to anything that isn’t plain dinosaur-shaped pasta.

Cooking for Your Baby & Toddler has over 100 Thermomix recipes specially devised for developing palates. It also has all the things new parents obsess about: information on nutritional needs for babies, and solutions and recommendations for feeding problems.

Thermomix porridge

The intent of Something for Everyone is to help you save time – our favourite thing – by cooking a single meal for everyone. We’ve all had four burners going, making everything from scrambled eggs to raisin toast to spaghetti bolognese all at once. One meal for everyone sounds impossible, but with recipes that have variations for babies and toddlers, that elusive single meal is easily within reach.

For example, with the sweet potato rosti with herbed ricotta and poached egg, you can puree together the sweet potato and ricotta mixtures with some water or milk to feed your baby with a spoon. For a toddler, the ricotta mixture can be spread on the rosti which she can eat as a finger food.

The books don’t promise to solve all your food woes – your son might continue his love affair with t-rex pasta for a while – but the recipes in Something for Everyone are so delicious and easy, they’re sure to make converts out of almost all the picky eaters in the house.

Cooking for Your Baby & Toddler and Something for Everyone are available online at Thermomix.

(This is a sponsored post for Thermomix)

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