There’s a “new” colour due in the Crayola crayon pack (but is it kinda boring?)

crayons by crayola

Crayola have just announced a “brand new” colour will be popping up in that familiar crayon packet, but we can’t help but wonder if it’s just a little underwhelming?

Blue clues

The iconic artsy company retired a yellow crayon called Dandelion earlier this year, making room for an all new colour in the packet. Which is… blue! Um. Don’t get us wrong, blue is a very nice colour and all. It’s just that there are ALREADY some blue contenders in the box.

Currently the 24-pack includes red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, violet, black, carnation pink, yellow-orange, blue-green, red-violet, red-orange, yellow-green, blue-violet, white, violet-red, dandelion, cerulean, apricot, scarlet, green-yellow, indigo and gray. Add to that this new member of the already very-well represented blue family and we’re getting a few of the ho-hum feels. 

Name the crayon

Crayola are much more excited by this blue turn of events than we are, revealing that the pigment for the new blue crayon is the first fresh blue shade discovered in 200 years (it’s called “YinMn”). It was unearthed by Oregon State University chemistry professor aka colour sleuth, Mas Subramanian. That is actually really cool. Good work, champ!

All of the innovation. Much trend.

Crayola hopes the new colour will inspire and delight little artists across the globe.

“We are a company all about kids, creativity and color, so we strive to keep our color palette innovative and on trend,” Crayola CEO Smith Holland explained.

 “The new blue crayon color will help Crayola to continue to inspire kids and kids at heart, to create everything imaginable.”

Hm. Okay. While we’re not 100 percent sold on the “new” blue crayon, we’re totally into new discoveries and creativity. Hurrah for those! And a warning for Dandelion (aka yellow!) lovers. You might want to snap up some crayons quick smart, before they go missing from the trusty 24 pack.

Vale Dandelion. Long live…YinMn?

PS: Next time, can the new crayon colour be “unicorn” or “rainbow” or “darkness”? M’kay.

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