The VeraTemp thermometer – a hands-off approach to taking a child’s temperature

VeraTemp non-contact thermometer


VeraTemp non-contact thermometer

There’s nothing worse than wrestling with a screaming, wriggling sick child as you try and take their temperature. Here’s a new product to the Australian market that allows you to take a child’s temperature without touching them.

The VeraTemp non-contact thermometer is a godsend for all parents – because at one time or another we all have to take our child’s temperature. It’s a bonus if the task can be as fuss-free as possible. The VeraTemp uses infrared technology, so all you need do is aim it towards the child’s forehead and it takes an instant temperature reading. I love that you can take the temperature of a sleeping child without waking them. For that alone, I applaud it. But wait, there’s more.

VeraTemp non-contact thermometer

Because it uses that brilliant infrared technology, it can also be used to test the temperature of lots of other child-related things, like bottles, food, bath water and rooms. It’s as accurate as an oral or ear thermometer, and has a built in memory that stores the last thirty-two readings.

VeraTemp non-contact thermometer

I must admit, I’ve been through several thermometers over the years, and this one looks to be the perfect balance of everything needed in a temperature device. The VeraTemp can be purchased from Evomed, for $79.95.

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