The unlikely superhero saving kids from skin conditions – here comes Billie!


For children battling the frustrating itch of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, there’s an unlikely superhero ready to save the day! She doesn’t fly, or have an undies-over-tights wardrobe situation. This superhero is Billie Goat (who’s anything but gruff) and she’s been sent to save your kids’ sanity, and their skin, with a new program aimed at ditching the itch!

Families dealing with children who have skin conditions know just how heartbreaking it can be to watch a child constantly scratching. It impacts their concentration and sleep, and sometimes, their self esteem.  The inventive crew at Billie Goat has been working for some time to develop a way to help children deal with these conditions, and have come up with a brilliant challenge that’s fun and educational.

Their ‘Billie says Ditch the Itch™‘ program draws together a heap of useful tips and educational resources, as a go-to reference for parents dealing with their children’s eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It’s also a great place for anyone with dry and sensitive skin to get some handy hints.

Billie Goat Brand Manager, Susheel Gandhi, says parents have approached the company, looking for ways to help their children.

“We realised that children with eczema and psoriasis may need extra support at home and at school, so we developed ‘Billie says Ditch the Itch™’ with a number of experts, including the Eczema Association of Australasia, as a fun way to help kids feel comfortable in their own skin.”


And here’s where that fun comes in: introducing Billie and the Itchies! Billie Goat is obviously an old hand at helping kids with their skin conditions, but she’s now enlisted the help of Zema (Eczema), Erma (Dermatitis) and Sori (Psoriasis). This foursome aims to break down barriers for kids, who may feel uncomfortable talking about their skin conditions. It’s a novel way to get the kids talking about how they are feeling, and how the ailment may be impacting their lives.

Parents are urged to register at ‘Billie says Ditch the Itch™‘, and take part in the 30 day challenge, which is just two simple steps:

While you’re exploring the challenge, there are also kids’ activities you can download, and lots of information to browse.

For more than a decade Billie Goat has been passionate about bringing relief to children dealing with skin conditions, through its soaps, which are the only medicated variety of their kind in Australia. They’re made using natural ingredients like Australian goats’ milk and oils including olive, grape seed and sweet almond.

Billie Goat also creates a range of soothing and skin-friendly products including sunscreen and a baby range.

(This is a sponsored post for Billie Goat)

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