The strangest pregnancy cravings dished up like you’ve never seen before

What did you crave during pregnancy? This is the question Juarez Rodrigues and Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus asked a number of women for their recent project Eating For Two Cookbook.

The pair not only photographed the various pregnancy cravings in fine-dining style but then they taste tested and rated each one. This unique project is definitely a dish best served while pregnant…. or on an empty stomach.

Eating for Two is a project nine months in the making. And the result is truly one of the most unique dining experiences we’ve ever come across. Peanut butter and pickles have nothing on these culinary creations that the cheeky duo crafted up, photographed and then, amazingly, tasted and rated a score out of five stars.

When asked what the rating system was based on, Juarez and Vicky, who both work in advertising, admit, “A complicated system of mood and personal taste.” And, after seeing some of these dishes, it’s understandable why the duo claim they are “still haunted by some of [the recipes]”.

Just how did the dishes taste? Check out their ratings.

Steak and Ice Cream

Score: 1/5

“There is a special place in hell for people who ruin good steaks like this. We’ll save you a seat.”

pregnancy cravings5

Olive Choc Cake

Score: 1.5/5

“The perfect birthday cake for your enemies.”

pregnancy cravings8

Popcorn on a bed of sauerkraut

Score: 1.5/5

“It’s not any worse than sauerkraut by itself.”

pregnancy cravings9

Toothpaste Oreos

Score: 3/5

“Chocolate and mint go really well together. Even when they taste remarkably like Oreos with toothpaste.”

Pregnancy cravings7

Bacon Mars Bar Burger

Score: 4/5

“It’s pretty crazy, but the good kind. Not the one that runs after teenagers in a mask with a chainsaw.”

Pregnancy cravings12

Orange Sushi with Tomato Sauce Glaze

Score: .5/5

“The true evil in this dish is that it catches you unawares. Who doesn’t like oranges? Who doesn’t like tomato sauce? What harm could there be in putting them together? Why have I suddenly lost the will to live?”

pregnancy cravings10

Mashed Potato with Caramel Sauce

Score: 2.5/5

“Not quite as tasty as mashed potato without caramel sauce or caramel sauce without mashed potato, but still strangely more-ish.”

pregnancy cravings2

Burnt Matches

Score: 1/5

“The head tastes like garlicky egg and the rest tastes like nothing. All in all, the experience wasn’t terrible. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for our breath afterwards.”

Pregnancy cravings14

Medley of Soap

Score: 0/5

“This dish can’t be graded on our star rating because if we gave it half a star, every other dish would be five stars. Do not try this.


pregnancy cravings13


Score: 5/5

“Surprisingly it tasted like nothing. Slightly gritty nothing. It gets five stars because we tried it directly after the soap and the relief that it wasn’t as horrifying as that was absolutely delicious.”

pregnancy cravings6

Bean and Cream Dream

Score: 2/5

“This could best be described as a mistake. Not a terrible mistake, just a mistake. Like if you get too greedy at the buffet and end up spearing two things on your fork that you would never normally put into your mouth at the same time. But what are you going to do? It’s not bad enough to spit out. It’s not good enough to eat more of. So you just swallow it and try to avoid doing it again in the future.”

pregnancy cravings4
The pair admit that all recipes are genuine cravings eaten by real pregnant mums and encourage others to submit their pregnancy cravings through their website.

All of the recipes also offer a hilarious Ingredients and Method section so you can make each dish yourself at home. Check out more recipes as they are submitted through Eating for Two.

What are some of the strangest things you craved during pregnancy?

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