The Spoon And Straw – no more leftover cereal milk


One of those age-old conundrums that has plagued parents since the beginning of time (or at least since the invention of cereal) is how to get kids to finish everything in their bowl without risking the dreaded milk waterfall. No need to worry about a ruined school uniform, or flooded table. Introducing the Spoon And Straw. 

It may not be the most earth-shattering invention, but anything that can reduce tears over spilt milk gets the thumbs up from us.


Combining the scoop of a spoon and the suction of a straw, is the aptly-named Spoon And Straw from Donkey Products. Kids can chow down their cereal and then slurp up the milk without so much as a wasted drop. Retailing for $9.95, the Spoon And Straw will be available from Until in June.



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