The easy way to store and print your digital photos (and cross some Christmas presents off the list!)


I take thousands of photos of my kids, yet I don’t have a single album filled with their images. When they go to my parents’ house, they love looking through the yellowed photo albums – that musty smell, and those precious moments of my own childhood. I’m making a pact with myself that before the year is out, I’m rectifying this situation. If you’re keen to join me, I’m going to explore how to organise my photos online, share them with loved ones for free, and even make them into brilliant Christmas gifts. Jump on board!


It’s such a shame that in this digital world, where we seem to want everything now, we’ve forgotten simple joys – like filling photo albums with memories. Or adorning the walls of our homes with happy images of our family. But when a company like Snapfish makes it so easy to sort your images, store them and print them – it really is a shame not to ensure your images are enjoyed by family and friends.

Of course, not everyone is as disorganised as me – Snapfish actually has more than 100 million members, all people who’ve realised they want their memories where they can see them, not languishing away somewhere in the cloud! One of the reasons Snapfish is so popular is that it’s so easy to use. It takes a couple of minutes to sign up, and then once you have your own account you can upload your images (from everywhere – your phone, your Flickr, Facebook or Instagram accounts) and they are stored for free.

Have you ever been sidetracked for hours looking through old photos online, realising how lovely they are, but then the step from looking at them to somehow getting them printed all seems just a bit too hard? But with Snapfish it’s as simple as clicking on the ones you love. There’s no more mucking around with cords and thumb drives and hoping that the photo printer at the shop isn’t out of order. Once your images are uploaded and all in one place, you can order professionally-developed prints, in a variety of sizes, at the super low price of 15 cents each (why on earth haven’t I done this earlier?). You can also sort the images, edit them, add captions – all sorts of cool stuff.


But here’s my favourite part – you can create photo gifts. If you tend to be a bit of a last-minute Christmas shopper, give yourself just a bit of a head start by creating some gorgeous, personalised gifts on Snapfish. It’s so handy if you have family interstate or overseas. Any time of the year that you think family may be needing a bit of a pick-me-up, you can create a cute little flip book of the latest photos of the kids, and send it off. And these are so budget-friendly – they start at just $9.95. I also love this idea for children to give to their friends as little Christmas gifts – haven’t we all got a phone full of images of our kids and their mates?!

The past few years we’ve given both sets of grandparents a personalised calendar at Christmas. We try and match up the photo of the month with birthdays so it works as a great reminder as well.

So if, like me, you’ve neglected the memories of the past year (or maybe the past few!), just grab your digital camera or smartphone, head to Snapfish and spend some time getting them sorted. You’ll feel so much better that your images are safe, and you may even be able to cross some Christmas gifts off the list. Bonus!

(This is a sponsored post for Snapfish)

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