ICE ID: The simple shoe tag for kids with medical conditions

Child with asthma

An Aussie mum has developed a shoe tag to help identify the medical needs of kids in an emergency, proving that sometimes the best inventions are the simplest.

Meet the ICE ID shoe tag 

Any parent of a child with a medical condition knows how important it is that carers have vital information on hand in case of an emergency.  

ICE ID stands for ‘In Case of an Emergency Identification’ and is exactly that. 

The highly visible tag simply attaches to your child’s shoes and contains important medical information within the two plastic waterproof inserts.

We imagine the simple tag would be particularly reassuring for parents who have little ones with medical conditions, such as asthma or allergies, going to daycare. 

ICE ID shoe tag

The new wearable ID

Although wearable medical wristbands and necklaces exist, mum of two Yuki Smith knew she would have great difficulty convincing her two boys aged 3 and 5 to wear them.

“When I came across the idea of shoe tags, I knew I had found the perfect solution. I tracked down a manufacturer, began the design process and brought ICE ID shoe tags to Australia!” she says.

“I love that the tags are ‘no-tech’ – it makes them so simple to use. Each tag comes with two plastic inserts, so the tags are easily updated and waterproof,” she adds.

Not just for kids

While initially invented for children, the product can really be used by anyone, such as the elderly, joggers or cyclists.

The tags are made with easily visible red and reflective silver material and the insert is securely tucked away so personal details are not visible.  

All types of shoes

The shoe tag can easily be fitted to most types of shoes including lace ups, hook/loop-style sandals or even belt buckles.

ICE ID show tags cost $10 and are available from ICE ID.

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