The Shrinking Milk Jug – making milk last up to a week longer


Milk never really lasts that long around our house these days, but this innovative invention would be wonderful for families who need to store a few types of milk and for simply saving on the mammoth amounts of plastic production attributed to milk each year. At one point we needed three kinds of milk – soy, full cream and skim – and a lot would be wasted as the oxygen went to work on the contents once it was opened.

This nifty reusable milk jug makes milk last longer by eliminating the air space created by partial use of the product inside. It gradually collapses into a much smaller container, keeping the milk contained safely in an air-tight environment, away from the oxygen which causes it to spoil. Simply press on the lid to pour and the container shrinks to contain the new volume of liquid.

The design has been nominated in the James Dyson Awards (yes the vacuum cleaner guy), which unearths promising student designers. The unidentified designer of the milk jug hopes to reduce the use of plastic vessels with this invention – milk is sold in bags in Canada (as they use much less plastic than our bottles), however the process of transferring to an open jug causes milk to go sour quickly. I can see the Shrinking Milk Jug becoming a feature of every household. Let’s hope so!

(Via Gizmodo


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