The Shirokuma Tea Bag Holder – the cutest way to brew a cuppa

polar bear teabag

Some things are completely unnecessary – but they make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so that actually makes them completely necessary. Like this adorable tea bag holder – who doesn’t need a polar bear brewing their cuppa?


At Babyology we pride ourselves in quality writing. Descriptive, emotive language used to explain a product to our readers. But in all honesty, these beautiful images really do all of the talking. Not to do myself out of a job – but  the Shirokuma Tea Bag Holder is simply a sight to behold.


It’s nothing more than a porcelain polar bear, perched atop his icy lair, fishing with a tea bag. But my goodness it’s stunning! And children, of course will be totally enamoured by your brewing cuppa. That doesn’t mean they’ll let you drink it in peace, or even while it’s hot. But they will enjoy the sublime little spectacle that is the tea bag being dunked by a polar bear.


Alas, we do have some bad news – the Shirokuma Tea Bag Holder is currently sold out. But if you follow the Tokyo-based Necktie on Facebook, you’ll be the first to know when they’re available again.

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