The positive way Kristen Bell is dealing with her babies growing up

Kristen Bell

Actor Kristen Bell is facing the very real trauma of her daughters (four-year-old Lincoln and three-year-old Delta) growing up and she’s determined to remain chipper under these very trying circumstances.

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They grow up so fast!

Anybody who has kids knows that while the days are (at times impossibly) long, the years are indeed short. Just when you think you’ve got your kids worked out, you realise they’ve jumped into a whole new phase and are also possibly going on 26. How do they do that?!

Kristen admits she too feels the feels as her kids bust out of the toddler phase and establish themselves as little girls.

“It is [bittersweet],” she told US Weekly. “I was really hoping when I had kids, I got the two that wouldn’t grow up. But I didn’t!” 

That said she’s determined to spin this into a positive and not pine too much for the babies of yesterday.

“You can either look at it like you’re losing something, like she’s never going to be a baby again, or you can change your glasses and look at it positively,” she said firmly.

Kristen Bell and kids

Getting to know you

Focusing on the adventure of truly getting to know her girls is tip-top of the priority list. No sulking allowed.

“I now get to know this human being. I’m allowed to get to know this person who will have her own opinions and ideas. That’s something I’m really looking forward to,” Kirsten said.

Busting gender stereotypes and uprooting disempowering narratives about women is also a pressing task.

“I see a lot of books my daughters are given, and it’s all about the prince wanting to marry the princess and all he does is kiss her and she says ‘Yes!’”

“I say, ‘I wonder why he didn’t get to know her? I wonder why he didn’t ask her whether she wanted to marry him?’ It’s a really tiny change, but I’m definitely working toward empowering them.”

Clever cookies

Kristen also told US Weekly she and husband, yacht rock enthusiast Dax Shepard, have chosen a school for their daughters that promises to focus on emotional intelligence and resilience. They’re determined to raise kids that are clear and clever communicators.

“When the kids get physical with each other — which they do because they’re all feral at this point — they teach them to say things like, ‘I don’t like it when you touch my body like that.’”

“They say that to me: ‘I don’t like having my hair touched,‘” Kristen laughs.

You can catch Kristen on the Netflix hit The Good Place at the moment. Her husband Dax Shepard is currently cosied up on his all new The Armchair Expert podcast, his latest guest the brilliant Ellen DeGeneres.

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