The pitter patter of little Pia Wallen feet

Here’s a confession: I am a bit of a baby shoe junkie. And the worst part is I’m addicted to making them myself. The downside is that it takes so long that my children never fit into the shoes by the time I’ve finished. Here’s a much more sensible solution.

If you’ve ever tried to fit ugg boots onto a small baby you’ll know that while they look really cute, it is almost impossible to get them to stay on baby-sized feet, let alone squishing those feet into them in the first place. So instead, let me recommend felt slippers. With all the same insulating properties as woollen ugg boots and made from the same beautiful natural fibre, they also have the bonus of a slightly more rigid shape to help you slide them on. Plus, they look fabulous.

Swedish designer Pia Wallen has created a range of different coloured slippers to fit baby feet from birth to six months. As well as their beautiful shape, they have a rubber sole to stop sliding and to make them more durable.  Winter will be upon us before you know it so now is a great time to start thinking about your baby’s winter shoe wardrobe! You can pick up a pair (or two!) from newly launched Olifant for $67.50.

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