The other IKEA catalogue

Ever since seeing the 1987 movie Mannequin staring a young Kim Cattrall I’ve dreamt about living in a department store. I wonder what it would be like to live in IKEA? 

Christian Gideon also wondered. Alongside some mates the young photographer snuck his camera in and snapped away whilst pretending to live there. IKEA is brilliant at communicating real life scenarios through its visual merchandising. Gideon may have given them an idea as to how to take it further. His imagery depicts everyday living scenarios in various rooms (some of which are shown below), there’s even a G-rated shower scene.

It’s amazing that a mainstream brand can inspire great creativity. The IKEA Hackers website is a blog dedicated to repurposed IKEA furniture. The website shows simple lights becoming feature pendants and bookshelves becoming pet houses. Also featured are ideas for children including art tables and computer desks. Then there’s Blogadilla’s Swedish furniture name generator, a faux translator inspired by IKEA. Enter in your name and it tells you your Swedish furniture name along with what piece of furniture you’d be.

According to the translator Christian Gideon is a bed named ‘Frystyanvik Gyddeonyn’. A fitting label considering the amount of beds he occupied for the ‘What if you lived in IKEA’ project. Gideon is a Missouri-based photographer who owns a sense of humor and a clever eye. If you like clever photography you may also be interested the work of Amy Stevens. See our post on her mad cake photography.

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