The not-so-dumb dummy



Ever felt guilty about giving your baby a dummy to suck? Me too. Like many first-time mums, I agonised over whether to dummy or not to dummy when my son Jack was born. The dummy won out — Jack was one very sucky baby – but I felt a little twinge every time I popped one in his mouth. And it’s happening all over again with his baby sister Isobel. So I can’t begin to explain how thrilled I am to find a pacifier that will ease at least some of my dummy guilt.

The Organic Pacifier by Natursutten is just as the name suggests. Organic. It’s made from pure, natural rubber. That means no allergy-causing nasties or chemicals, no artificial colours and no PVCs. The one-piece moulding means there’s no little cracks or crevices for germs to hide. And my favourite bit? Your baby can suck it as much as they like and it won’t leave those tell-tale dummy marks on their face. The Organic Pacifer comes in orthodontic or round versions in sizes to suit from newborn to toddler. Grab them online at Eco Child for a measly $9.95 each plus postage.

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