The newest time traveller, the TimeCapsule!

What are the special mementoes you plan to keep from your baby’s first months? Their first tiny shoes, the candle from their first birthday cake, a favourite rattle, perhaps a little curl of their hair? Keep it all together for reminiscing once they’re grown and giving you cheek in a specially designed time capsule.

Gone are the days of keeping much loved treasures, notes and keepsakes in a taped up old shoebox. The all awesome Make-History crew have created a contemporary version of the good ol’ fashioned time capsule, aptly named TimeCapsule. Go figure.


The TimeCapsule is ready to use the moment you grip your hands on it – and if you don’t know where to start, it’s loaded with extras to inspire you. The TimeCapsule shell is rather flash – created from sleek white plastic, it contains a manual full of tips and tricks on how to encapsulate time, a journal, question stickers, washi tape, wrapping paper, a golden sticker for your most important memory, tags for personal items you wish to include and a super strength sealing tape which will hopefully (fingers crossed) discourage anyone wanting to take an early peek!

A fabulously unique gift to help celebrate a momentous occasion such as a marriage, birth of a new baby, a new home perhaps – or just a fun family activity for everyone to join in on – and there’s plenty of room in this gem for everyone to include something special – Dad can put his biggest shoe box away!

TimeCapsule is priced €34.95 and can be purchased direct from Make-History. Delivery to Australia is available.


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