Wedding is on hold! Sam Wood reveals their baby news was “a bit of a surprise”

Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood

Hot on the heels of their Mother’s Day baby announcement, Sam Wood and fiance Snezana Markoski have spilled the beans on how the Bachie baby unfolded – and revealed they’ve put their wedding on hold, for now!

“A bit of a surprise”

The super popular and delightfully wholesome Sam and Snez have just spoken to NW Magazine about their much-wanted (but mildly unexpected) baby-on-the-way, revealing they realised they were pregnant “a few months ago”.

“I think we were about eightish weeks pregnant,” Snez said. “It was a bit of a surprise.”

“We obviously wanted to try and extend our family, but because we were set on planning the wedding and getting that done, we thought, ‘Let’s just have the wedding first and then get back to trying for a baby.’ But then I started to feel really tired and nauseous, so I thought, ‘Something’s up.'”

Something was up indeed and it was a baby and everyone’s excited! Yay!

“Pick a date, you’ll get pregnant”

Sam said he figured that as soon as they began making solid wedding plans, a baby-shaped spanner might be thrown in the works – not that he minded. It seems that he was right.

“It was semi-planned… It was all around the wedding, kind of that we’d love to have kids, but we also want to get married and then have more kids.”

“So we went to Europe and we found a tentative venue on the Amalfi Coast, and I said to Snez, “I bet you as soon as we find something and pick a date, you’ll get pregnant.” And, sure enough, she did.”


Girls, girls, girls

On Mother’s Day, Sam excitedly revealed a baby girl was soon to join the family, outnumbering him, gender-wise, alongside Snez and her daughter Eve.

“A healthy baby was the most important thing to us, but I think it’s great that Eve can have a little sister.” Snez said.

Sam confirmed that he was living in an amazing kind of lady land.

“My whole life is surrounded by girls – my 28 program is 90 per cent women, I was on The Bachelor for crying out loud!” he laughed.

It’s obvious these two are madly in love – and they’ve combined their lives pretty beautifully. A fresh addition, it seems, will be the icing on an already delicious cake.

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