The #IPumpedHere tag reveals the worst places mums have expressed milk

I pumped here campaign photo of toilet cubicle

Combine the tricky adjustment that breastfeeding often is with community attitudes that prefer breastfeeding be kept out of sight – and mums who work out of the home, yet still seek to breastfeed are getting a pretty raw deal. #IPumpedHere is proof of that.

“I pumped here”

The I Pumped Here campaign aims to highlight the difficult and isolating circumstances many women are enduring, inviting mums to share photos and stories detailing the worst places they’ve pumped breast milk. Its founders say that many women are not able to realise their breastfeeding goals, and access to clean and safe spaces to pump milk for their babies is a contributing factor.

“60% of pumping women don’t have basic workplace accommodations or adequate break time. With your help, we’re about to change that,” an I Pumped Here spokesperson said.

Women rallied and tales of juggling breast pumps in toilet stalls, parking lots, at soccer practice and behind steering wheels quickly began popping up under the #IPumpedHere tag. Mums keen to share their stories even began slapping “I Pumped Here” stickers up at their pumping venues to spread the word and raise awareness too. (Don’t freak out, they’re easily removed!)

Breastfeeding boost

I Pumped Here is part of an important, broader push to boost breastfeeding rates in the US, normalise breastfeeding and make mothers feel more supported and valued.

In Australia, there are best practice guidelines around breastfeeding and expressing milk at work. Employers that don’t support breastfeeding mothers may be guilty of discrimination, but of course this does not guarantee that women have safe, clean, comfortable places to express milk. Many breastfeeding mums feel unsupported at work or in the community – yet are not keen to make waves at a time when they may already be feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed.


Breastfeeding is a protected ground of discrimination. Making an employee feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding, or not providing adequate facilities or breaks, may constitute discrimination. It may also be a breach of work health and safety laws.

Source: Fair Work Ombudsman


I Pumped Here…

Here are just a few of the places mums found themselves expressing milk in a bid to maintain breastfeeding.

Dressing room pump

Carpark pump

Preschool run

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This Friday has been a difficult one for me! Had to run by work before dropping Jaxon off at school to pick up my manual pump, go straight to my other job and couldn't pump since his morning! Went about 7 hours without feeding baby or pumping. Had to park somewhere (hidden) before picking Jax from school and pump! Yikes. I wish I would of had time to empty out and packed another bottle. 😬😬 my arms are tired!! Haha. Who else has manually pumped?! It's been years for me. #breastfeeding #pumpingmom #exclusivelybreastfeeding #exclusivelypumping #breastfeedingSupport #liquidGold #milkymama #sweetiepielactation #sweetiepiebaby #motherhood #momlife #workingmom #medela #ipumpedhere

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Airport bathroom pump

Airplane bathroom 

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#Repost @mamatakesflight ・・・ 4R Lavatory pumping anyone? Hahahaha when you don’t want to pump in crew rest because of the sound…. thank goodness for my Medela Swing, I can hang it anywhere! (I had just turned it on, hence no milk yet 😜😜) . Pro-pumping on the go tip: if you will be pumping in the lav and it’s going to take a bit (🙋🏻) let a flight attendant know so that no one bothers you! Sometimes if someone is taking too long in the lav we will knock on the door to make sure they are okay (safety/security reasons) 😋😋 . . #a330300 #longhaul #pumpingmom #pumpingmama #medelabreastpump #medelaswing #mother #ipumpedhere #crossingthepond #falife #crewlife #flightattendantproblems #lactatingmom #lactation #breastisbest #breastfeeding #pumpingonthego #normalizebreastfeeding

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Public transport pump

Supply room pump

What’s the most challenging location you’ve expressed milk?

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