The growth chart that hits new heights

Abigail Wilder fabric growth chart

Abigail Wilder fabric growth chart

Kids, they grow up so fast! One minute, you’re nursing a newborn and the next they’re pestering you for the keys to the car. So we recommend making the most of those in-between years by marking your baby’s inevitable march towards independence with a growth chart.

The trouble is that too many growth charts – apart from those you see here, of course –  seem to inhabit a garish world of their very own. One where lairy colours and unfortunate designs reign supreme, which is why people tend to hide them on the backs of doors.

Abigail Wilder fabric growth chart

Well, not anymore. We have found the most understated height chart you’re likely to ever have seen. A simple length of fabric with a swirl of embroidery and a twist of vintage buttons for flair, Abigail Wilder’s offerings are a stylish anomaly in the oft-gaudy (and sometimes just plain scary) land of height charts.

Hang the chart somewhere where you can admire it every day while you keep a watching eye out for any growth spurts or roll it up and bring it out every year with a flourish on your child’s birthday. You choose. You can also choose to have your child’s name stamped on the chart if you like in the same low-key black shade used to mark the height increments, which are in feet.

Fabric height charts cost US$47 from Abigail’s Etsy store, plus US$7 to ship to Australia.

(via Cool Mom Picks)

Abigail Wilder fabric growth chart

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