The Grateful Thread – for those who like their rock’n’ roll soft


We live close to our neighbours, so booming drums and electric guitars need to be put off for as long as possible. Luckily, with a four-year-old and 20-month-old, these things can wait a little longer. Until then, I’ve found colourful soft toys in the place of real instruments for them to rock out with.

Meet the clan from The Grateful Thread, a collection of only slightly eerie monsters who like to jam with their guitars, keyboards and drums. Plump out the band with lead guitarist Johnny Fandango, base player Betsy Bones, lead singer Elvis Beastly, keyboardist Mr Funkenstein and on drums, Big Tone.

Grab a soft and kid-sized electric guitar while you’re at it – my eldest would love ‘The Rebel’. He likes to call guitars of that shape ‘grumpy guitars’. There are also record-shaped cushions and recycled vinyl jewellery for hip parents.

Each member of the band costs £30, with guitars the same price, plus shipping, from The Grateful Thread.


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