The good, the bad, the vomitty – The Longest Shortest Time podcast tells the honest stories of parenthood

From sex after babies to answering kids’ questions about death, to deciding to go the IVF route solo, The Longest Shortest Time podcast tells all our stories of parenthood.

Each week, The Longest Shortest Time tells the story of a different family. New podcasts come out at 3am on Wednesdays, that special time of night when you’re awake, “shushing your baby. Or waiting up for your teenager… or trying to figure out how to even have a baby.”

The show takes its name from advice given to host Hillary Frank by a friend: the first few months of parenthood are the longest shortest time. They go on forever, and then just like that, they’re over. Hillary is a public radio and podcast alum and she started the podcast to help parents feel they weren’t alone, and probably to remind herself that as a new mum, she wasn’t alone either.

Among our favourite episodes are “Accidental Gay Parents”, the story of a 20-something gay couple who are faced with a very grown-up decision – do they take custody of their niece, a little girl whose mother isn’t fit to care for herself, let alone an infant. There’s “Real Teens, Fake Babies”, in which Hillary follows a high school sex-ed class over the 48-hour period when they’re tasked with caring for robot babies that eat and wee and cry inexplicably at all hours. And finally there’s the brilliant “Building a Better Boobie Trap”, that sends a childless male host to MIT’s Media Lab to chronicle the “Make the Breast Pump not Suck Hackathon” in which 150 geeks get together to improve the breast pump.

The Longest Shortest Time isn’t just for new parents, or even just for parents at all – it can help listeners understand their own parents and families, and it’s an emotional, often hilarious podcast, and all around darn good show.

You can subscribe to The Longest Shortest Time on iTunes. There are plenty of back episodes to keep you busy for many weeks of 3am feeds.

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