The Game of Thrones-inspired baby name “Arya” is soaring in popularity

Arya Stark

As the TV series Game of Thrones soars in popularity, so too does the use of a particular girl’s name across the globe.

Name of Thrones

“More than 300 girls born in England and Wales last year were named Arya, sharing their name with the well-known Game of Thrones character,” the BBC reports.

“That’s more than the number of children who received traditional names like Mary (204) and Catherine (163).”

We checked the local trends out, via Victoria’s Births, Deaths and Marriages and it seems that the trend is similar here, although parents are opting for the Aria spelling, rather then the Game of Thrones-specific Arya.

Growing trend

In Victoria in 2016, Aria was ranked as the 32nd most popular name for baby girls.

In 2015, Aria was at a little further down the list, at 36. In 2014, Aria was at 51st spot, quite a ways down the list. In 2013 Aria was at 74, while back in 2012 it was not in the top 100 at all.

It’s fair to say that as Game of Thrones popularity has soared, so has the use of this GoT-related name!

In NSW, this increasingly popular Aria trend is also playing out. Data from NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages tells us that in 2016 there were 197 Aria born in the state. In 2015, the Aria count was 157. In 2013 there were 105 and back in 2012, 86 little girls were named Aria.

The BBC also noted “More Game of Thrones names on the list include Tyrion (11), Sansa (5), Daenerys (4) and Brienne (3). No children were given the name of the evil character Joffrey.”

Welcome, Khaleesi!

Back in Australia, Arya/Aria is not the only GoT name that parents are using for their kiddos. Four years ago, Queensland mum Krissinda Johnston and her husband chose the name Khaleesi for their little girl.

“Her father is a huge Game of Thrones fan and I used to sit down and watch it with him sometimes, and I heard the name Khaleesi and thought it was a really pretty name,” she said. “I liked it ­because I didn’t want something common — I wanted something unusual,” Krissinda told The Daily Telegraph. 

“People who watch Game of Thrones ask straight away if that’s what I named her after.”

We don’t have the Australian figures for names like Tyrion, Sansa, Brienne and Khaleesi, as they fall outside the top 100 baby names, but we might just follow the UK trend on these too!

Do you know any children named after Game of Thrones characters? Let us know, over on Facebook!


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