The funny video that shows what a road trip with kids really looks like!

In theory, a two-hour drive with the kids in tow sounds lovely – some light conversation, a few giggles, a game of car BINGO, perhaps a break along the way for a coffee and photo opp at a lookout. Wholesome family fun.

In reality… well, it probably goes a little something like this video.

The Holderness family are all about the funny YouTube parodies. They’ve recorded such classics as Baby Got Class, a parody on returning to school as well as the equally-entertaining Xmas Jammies and Parents vs Kids Back to School Rap Battle.

And their latest parody, a one minute video all about road tripping with kids, sung to the tune of Walk the Moon’s Shut Up and Dance, is another Holderness classic that anyone who has taken a long-ish drive with the kids will understand.

Shot by wife Kim, while the family (including Kim, dad, Penn, eight-year-old Lola and five-year-old Penn Charles) take the “longest two hour road trip ever”, the video is free from fancy stage direction, lighting, make-up artists or even a script.

As the Holderness family explain on their YouTube channel, “This song wrote itself. Literally. Kids were doing this all the way home. So Penn and the kids wrote it on the spot. Kim grabbed her iphone and shot this whole thing, including a sleepy selfie.”

Make sure you check out some of our other favourite YouTubers out there including the Rader family, known for their unique pregnancy video and heartbreaking miscarriage announcement three days later, and the Murrays, who also selected Shut Up and Dance to announce some exciting news.

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