The funny Hotline Bling video all mummy phone addicts need to see

Addicted to your mobile phone? This is your new theme song. And it’s awesome.

We all know the dangers of too much screen time. But let’s face it, things have changed since the invention of the smart phone and it’s hard not to check your phone every seven seconds. This hilarious parody video is one that all mobile phone addicts need to watch, preferably on their cell phones.

My Life Suckers are full of great video parodies highlighting life as a parent in the suburbs and their Hotline Bling parody by Canadian rapper Drake, is no exception to their complete awesomeness. This time the mum behind the magic, Deva Dalporto is channelling our inner mobile phone addictions.

She and her team of backup dancers, including her mate, husband and children, hit all the right notes when it comes to our mobile phone addictions. Yes, we’re addicted to our cell phones. Yes, we use them to entertain our kids. Yes, we prefer to text rather than have actual conversations and yes, we like to watch cat videos.

Come on, admit it – we’ve all been guilty of mindlessly watching a cat video or two on YouTube…

We’re just a little bit obsessed with funny parody videos here at Babyology. If you’re looking for more ways to avoid reality and keep your phone firmly attached to your hands, then check out this hilarious Britney Spears pregnancy announcement or this Bon Jovi inspired parody, Living for the Share.

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