The Freshly Picked Diaper Bag is full of practical style

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An extension of our own personal style, it’s not surprising many parents look to tote all the baby paraphernalia in a baby bag which doesn’t scream “look, I have a baby!”. Hot on trend, Freshly Picked has launched a baby bag full of fab practical style, and it’s glorious!

baby bag, black bag, back pack

With no yellow ducks or elephant prints to be seen, the Freshly Picked Ebony Diaper Bag can be worn three ways – backpack, cross-body or carried as a handbag – all super handy depending on the kid-wrangling situation you find yourself in.

baby bag, black bag, back pack

Made from a vegan leather, both the exterior and interior can be wiped down easily, no tears need be shed over spilled milk or smooshed soggy rusks. Ten (yes, ten!) pockets keep your belongings in order and within reach. and glam gold hardware completes the look perfectly. Nice!

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Freshly Picked bags have reached their Kickstarter goal and you can now pre-order them for US$160. Delivery is expected to be rolled out in November, 2017.

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