The Empire strikes back… with Star Wars wallpaper

I will not be showing this to my six-year-old son because I’ll never hear the end of it. As it is, he seems only to be able to relate to me within the confines of a discussion about Mandalorians or design details for his Lego Star Wars base.

While it would be nice if he took an active interest in home decor, I’m not sure I’m ready to make the leap into Star Wars wallpaper… come to think of it, I’d better not show this to my husband either or they’ll gang up on me!

For some reason I can imagine good old Darth Vader in this room, settling in for the night with a tv dinner and a nice cup of tea to watch his evil exploits on the box. We already know this isn’t your garden variety wallpaper but to thrill design buffs even more, we’re here to tell you it’s hand-screened and flocked to perfection. Yes, textured portraits of Star Wars stalwarts such as Darth, storm troopers and other iconic characters on wallpaper. Bet you never imagined it in your wildest dreams!

It’s $119.95 per roll plus shipping from Think Geek. While you’re pondering how many rolls you’ll need, check our other Star Wars posts.

(via Retro to Go)

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