The Dews toothbrush – upright and hygienic

My daughter loves to brush her teeth. She actually requests it sometimes even when she’s just brushed them an hour before. I’m counting my lucky stars now and hoping that this isn’t a sign of future extreme fastidiousness or that it becomes an uphill battle as she grows older.

One way to ensure she continues to adore scrubbing those pearly whites is by investing in a toothbrush that appeals to her (right now it’s a ‘Tigger’ electric one). The Dews toothbrush may just be the ticket in a few years time – which works well as it’s not yet for sale.

Dews, created by New York-based design studio Ryan Harc (Ryan Yoon & Harc Lee), is a gravity-defying toothbrush that will eliminate any concerns about hygiene (like  yucky brush holders) and satisfy the kiddies with its very cool ‘upstanding’ nature. It has a weight within the rounded handle base so when the toothbrush is set down it finds its centre of gravity quickly and stands upright by itself! Ryan Harc describes it as like a tumble doll.

I have to say if my daughter gets one, I’ll be getting one too as it’s such an innovative and practical idea. To read more about Dews, head to Ryan Harc‘s website. We’ll keep you updated as to when it’s available for purchase.

(via Swissmiss)

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