The decluttering struggle is upsettingly real for Chrissie Swan’s 4-year-old

Chrissie Swan

Broadcaster and mum-of-three Chrissie Swan shared a very cute and very relatable post on Instagram yesterday and it will have other parents nodding in recognition and trying NOT to think about what lies beneath their children’s beds!

The life-changing magic of Peggy-ing up!

Chrissie revealed that she’d asked her four-year-old to whittle down her toys to those she actually played with, and put the excess into an empty box, ready to donate.

After earnest deliberation, daughter Peggy handed over the box of things that she felt comfortable parting with. The (very roomy) box contained – a watch, two figurines and a rather bumped up ball. Or is it an orange? Or maybe an onion? No, we think it’s a ball.

Anyway the box was jam-packed rattling about with just FOUR unwanted or unused things.

Internal struggle

Chrissie explained just how much time Peggy allocated to this important task. It was 40 minutes of careful deliberation, proving that her kiddo took this job very freaking seriously. We can’t imagine what she went through to be honest. It must have been really hard. Hugs to you, Peg.

“Anyone who knows a child will know that most of them have TOO MUCH STUFF,” Chrissie explained when she posted the nearly empty box photo on Instagram.

“I just gave this box to Peg and said ‘Go into your room and fill it with all the things you don’t use, don’t need or don’t play with anymore and we’ll give them to some kids who don’t have as much stuff as you’. This collection took her 40 minutes. 😳”  

Be like Peggy

Do you know what we say re this effort? We say “BLINKING GOOD WORK, PEGGY!”

Obviously at first glance this doesn’t seem like an awful lot, but it’s proof that Peggy is a cheerful girl, finding joy in many things and bucking that dreadful popular Marie Kondo method of throwing all your things out in an efficient whirlwind of ruthlessness.

Granted, there may well be tumbleweeds blowing about Peg’s box of not very many unwanted things, but this is possibly because she is a gratitude-leaning type, appreciating all she has and seeing the value in even the most dusty, forgotten or too-babyish thing.

It’s a gift, and an approach we could all learn from. Bless you, Peggy.

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