The Curio Avventura Stroller – the antidote to narrow spaces


As all parents know, there are some spaces we simply cannot go with a stroller. Teeny tiny little shops and supermarket checkout aisles are the main culprits. The Curio Avventura stroller is a machine created from necessity – it’s made to fit through the tiny 55 cm train station turnstiles in Japan, one of the most densely inhabited countries in the world.


As noted by blog reader Maia on Spoon and Tamago, it has a ‘Batmobile aesthetic’ which is an unusual one in the baby market. The black fabrics, yellow frame and segmented UV hood comprise the uber-cool looks, and you can even place a shopping basket underneath! Attach it to a bike, or take it to the train station, it’s a nimble mean machine for urban terrains.

I wish there was more information in English but we do know it’s in the running for a Nagoya Design Award this year.


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