The cherished photo that made this mum rethink errands with her kids

Jess Wolfe and kids

Jess Wolfe was at the tail end of her regular (challenging!) Aldi shopping experience, with four kids in tow, when a photo opportunity reminded her that amidst the stressful moments there are sometimes some precious exchanges, too.

Sweaty, baby strapped to my back, three year old insisting that her belly hurts and NEEDS her donut that she forgot to…

Posted by Jess Wolfe on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

“This was my trip to the grocery today”

Jess shared her story on Facebook and it’s been picked up by a number of other outlets, as Facebook users respond to the sweet message it sends.

“Sweaty, baby strapped to my back, three year old insisting that her belly hurts and NEEDS her donut that she forgot to eat after lunch, 6 year old using everything in sight as a weapon, 7 year old wanting to spend the only dollar he has. This. This was my trip to the grocery today,” Jess explained, setting the scene. What she didn’t realise was that she’d attracted some attention with her bunch of busy children. Someone had their eye on her.

Reaching out

“While I was bagging up my groceries (thanks Aldi) and trying to quietly keep from losing my ever loving sh*t, the lady next to me asked if I have one of those phones that takes pictures,” at this point, Jess’s patience with the whole shopping errand had worn a little thin.

“Trying not to convey my annoyance to someone else adding to the million questions that make up my day, I replied that, yes I do have one of those fancy phones. She asked to take a picture of me with the kids. At the grocery. Together,” Jess remembered.

Capturing the everyday

We’re as confused as Jess was, to be clear. Who takes a photo at the grocery store, you may also be asking. The picture-requesting woman explained there was a method to this madness. Truth be told, it wasn’t madness at all!

“She told me that she wishes she had photos of herself doing every day things with her kids,” Jess wrote, and every parent will, at this point, cock their head and confirm they don’t have those pics either.

We tend to document occasions and events, but the little moments often get lost in the busyness of life. It’s a bit of an a-ha moment, to be honest.

I see you

Jess said it felt good to be considered and truly “seen”, even if it was by a complete stranger.

“She validated the fact that a simple grocery trip is hard. She told me that what I do matters.”

She noted that the woman also made her much more aware of how special these everyday moments can be. In a ‘days are long, years are short’ mirroring sentiment, Jess revealed what was at the heart of this woman’s photo request.

“She doesn’t miss what made the days hard, but she misses what made them sweet,” Jess posted.

“I will always cherish this picture and the message that came with it.”

Naw. What an unexpected encounter – and one we can learn a lesson from. Although not every errand is dotted with special moments, it’s a great idea to slow down and notice when things are going right.  

Even better, get someone to snap a picture of the sweet spots in the everyday.

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